Cold Drawn

We produce a wide range of Stainless, Alloy and Nickel Alloy cold drawn products in various sections.

The drawing process allows us to produce specific mechanical specifications to suit our customers individual requirements whether it be standard or high tensile properties.

Cold drawn bars have many advantages over cold rolled bars in their mechanical properties. A selection of which are explained below:

Size Tolerances Cold drawing works to such close tolerances that allow for a smooth, perfect surface on each bar every time. This is advantageous as no adjustments would need to be made in light of under- and over-size variations.
Appearance A cold drawn bar has a distinguishable appearance, and therefore doesn’t require a surface polish to achieve a desirable effect. This is opposed to rolled bars which often require the surface to be treated to achieve suitable accuracy as well as appearance.
Sustainability The strengthening of bars by the drawing process leads to the bars being used to gain strength in parts without the need of heat treating. This saves on energy costs, an issue that is becoming increasingly important.
Strength Depending on the amount of reduction, cold drawing increases both the tensile and the yield strength of the material. This is necessary to produce high density bars allowing the material to be used in applications where strength is vital.



We can polish all shapes of bar with up to 100mm square dimensions on a multi head bar polisher.


We can grind 3mm to 50mm diameters on one of our multiple precision centreless grinding machines.

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